Electric Company
Electric Company
Label: Tigerbeat6 Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


The registers of the electric company are the final result of the Laner experimentation of idea-pregnant figurehead in a serious ray of forms, of the vanguard rocking that x-ray the popular alternative solution to the electronicaca. Its work in such a way as electric company is established yellow in electronicaca, exactly is yonder more nature of a guitar - ukelele-rawk, drum , bass and of a squeeze racket studio. Admirateur in the long run of experimental/improv of the artists of Beefheart to the Throbbing Gristle to the Inhabitants, Laner established the first debt of its zones of mold to age 14 the group registering diverse passages for the new alliance in 1982 and opened for "Ihjtjki Youth" and "Cygnes" in 1986. Before to melt Laner another one groups, that it boils the inductors to the vapor, that had published of its three processes of the albums. Laner played equally with creative terrace-rockers of Los Angeles. The wild democracy before forming its terror groups, Medicine, in 1991.

The first American zone that was signed to and ' creative playthings ' indie archives of creations of Great-Britain, critical medicine gained the compliment of alternative for the its extreme interpretation of my popular pocket revolution that arrests with leather straps valence and annoying. The first album makes fire front only existence of the group was published to the fine months of creations after its formation, and distributed to the States it saw Tigerbeat6. Two albums that had been followed before the medicine had separated in 1995, the year of Laner beginning so low in such a way as to be electric company says the auspices cyclical. Exactly amnesia of program of Laner medicine another important one registered thus. the albums in 1997 and in 1998, it is come back with two more electric archives of company, the city studio on the island and Omakase toward vanilla communications. For beyond, Laner collaborated with the members circumlocution compatible of mercury of groups and the organization of stilts, and registered in such a way as to render all future works unsafe for listening. do not approach.