Label: Cold Sweat
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Married to a sonic prescription of fury and volume, Wives deliver intense, bombastic rhythms. Noisy discordant guitar frenzy underlines and pierces through a vehement shouted and spoken narrative. Songs slow down just to wind back up into break neck speeds, furiously paving a new direction marked by individuality, creative energy, and passion for life. Wives driving force is a reckoning to develop something organic and original. In the live setting Wives are unmatched. Dismantling the convention that a barrier between the audience and band pre-exists. Wives spend as much time on the stage as they do in the crowd, inviting the audience to do the same. Witness a community dancing manically and wholeheartedly inspired by spontaneous union.

Influentially, Wives straddle the past and the present while diving headfirst into the future. Combined influential nods and musical elements of past greats like Rapeman, Bastro, Black Flag and the Minutemen are mixed with the contemporary likeness of Lightning Bolt, The Locust, Arab On Radar, or even early Black Dice - all seen through an early 80's Dischord filter via Government Issue, Teen Idles or Skewbald. The comparison is not only in sound, but also in aesthetic.

This energy and dedication have seen Wives release two 7-inch singles on their own label Post Present Medium. Touring the US in support of their self-released singles, they've criss-crossed the continent supporting bands and friends such as The Wrangler Brutes, Casual Dots, USA Is A Monster, Lightning Bolt, Isis and Battles, among others. Wives plan to tour the universe infinitely upon release of their debut full length on hometown Los Angeles label Cold Sweat. Clubs, halls, basements, houses, turntables, eardrums, hearts and minds will never be the same when they do! Enjoy.