Money Mark
Money Mark
Label: Chocolate Industries
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Money Mark - the man and the myth who single or rather double handedly transformed Beastie Boys from one hit wonders and one miss blunders into transcendent musicians with his textured keyboards and heavy yet light songscapes on their comeback LPs Check Your Head and The In Sound From Way Out (not to mention all of their other recent LPs and tours) - has returned with a brand new collection of 12 startling instrumentals which run the gamut from his trade mark jazzy funk to traditional Hispanic...and of course everything in between. Yes, Money Mark, the stealthy hired gun of alt rock, whose unique touch has sneaked into a host of well known numbers such as Beck's "Where It's At," the former Lakers ball boy who prefers sneakers with not three but four stripes and the avant-garde but accessible artist who already has two quirky but hardly gimmicky solo successes under his belt, is back. Back in the house. Back in the mix. Back in the saddle. And back in the news.