Printed Circuit
Printed Circuit
Label: Catmobile Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


In 1999, 19-year old Claire Broadley started to tire of making music the traditional way - with other people - and began experimenting with samples and sequencers. By happy accident, and within a surprisingly short time, Claire came up with a selection of primitive electronic pop songs. She chose a pseudonym from a late-70s promotional Stylophone 7", and burnt 20 copies of her creations onto CDr for friends. Soon word had spread, and within weeks 170 copies were hand-made and sold through mailorders and record shops all over Europe.

The CDr caught the attention of Spanish pop label Elefant who released Gimmie Aibo in 2000, and London label Irritant followed with the I Heart My Jen Sexy 7”. Printed Circuit continued to drop tracks on a dozen or so compilations in the meantime, and began to explore live performance in 2001, a year that climaxed in the release of the Reprints remix CD on Catmobile. In early 2002 she played her first overseas show in Berlin, and her biggest show yet at the Garage in London. The year came to a close with the release of her first album The Adventure Game which had been held in the vaults at Catmobile HQ for over a year.

Claire now lives and produces in a block that a certain Soft Cell vocalist once called home. Although the 1980s references come thick and fast in Printed Circuit reviews, that's only one aspect of the music she makes. Her attention to detail - and her ongoing quest to make the next song better than the last - ensures innovative programming that gives her music life, and provides a unique twist on the traditional synth pop sound.