Label: Flameshovel Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Viza-Noir covers vast amounts of territory in three minutes. In its five-year history, the Chicago-based trio has evolved from a detail-obsessed punk band into a force of nature. Their incendiary performances scramble over the broken, elastic landscape between pure inertia and maniacal control, leaving a trail of dropped jaws and an exponentially expanding following in their wake. While Viza-Noir keeps one foot firmly planted in stripped-down punk rock, they trace their legacy to bands like the Minutemen, Mission of Burma, The Wipers, and MX-80 -- bands whose idiosyncracies, broad influences, nerdiness, and musical ambition kept them on the margins of the very music they helped to define.

Even so, Viza-Noir shun the affectations of the so-called new wave of post-punk. They dash off the blocks, leap hurdles, then charge through traffic, breach the barbed wire and sprint to the finish; all these contortions of meter, tempo, and mood, rather than end in themselves, are integral to the music's inexorable forward drive. The group’s songs are direct responses to their immediate surroundings. Viza-Noir maps the spaces, between both the city walls and the souls that inhabit them, to forge a vision that is entirely their own -- no mean feat in a town whose very name has dubiously morphed into a musical genre.