Judah Johnson
Judah Johnson
Label: Flameshovel Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Forget what you think you know about contemporary Detroit rock for a moment. If you can, ditch any recent associations with Motor City guitar music and the millennial garage rock explosion before you press play. Judah Johnson’s full-length debut, Kisses and Interrogation, needs your ears naked, your mind thirsty and your soul begging for an album that it can float on. This is one life vest of a record.

Judah Johnson’s raw and emotional "S/T" EP (2001, Flameshovel) established the band’s promise, "...combining the lyrical intelligence of Elvis Costello, the instrumental innovativeness of Swervedriver and the vocal range and soul of Buckley," noted the Detroit Metro Times. Following the EP release, an East Coast tour was met with enthusiasm from critics as well as a swelling fanbase that was drawn to Daniel’s singularly expressive voice and the band’s impassioned musicianship.