Label: L.A.X. Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


The Scandinavians have had considerable cultural influence over the years. The sleek, cool, stylishness of the people seems synonymous with their environment. They inhabit a land that boasts crisp mountain fjords, elegant textured pine forests and sophisticated pristine cities and exhibit a sense of humor that is extremely engaging, profoundly perverse, and wonderfully mad. The Scandinavians have given us fine home furnishings and economical self assembly furniture. They have given us reliable, perky cars, safe, easy on the environment, economical and fun to drive.

The people are a perfect meld of ancient traditional skill and modern technology. They understand finesse, style and the art of remaining fully human. They love to drink, but unlike other European nations who carouse until obliterated or tend to go all doom and gloom with a few bevvies, these guys just seem to revel in it. They laugh at despair! They frolick in the pit of self-annihiliation! They have a good time even when they’re not!

Which may not have anything to do with music, but it brings me to Quant. Jonas Quant. A classically- trained multi-instrumental jazz prodigy who just happened to be born in the electronic age. In Scandinavia.

The lad from Gothenberg is already known to many fans of nu-jazz and electronic funk courtesy of his many contributions to the Naked Music imprint. Who could forget the sublime remixes of “Brighter Day” and “Blow My Mind” on Bare Essentials Vol 2 or “Stimulus” from Carte Blanche? His production skills are the envy of many in the field and his work had famously aided and abetted releases from Ninja Tune to G-Stone. Vienna-based label Ecco.Chamber was quick to recognize his immense talent, and signed him up to help lead the way in a scene which is more about soul than pop, more of a mood thing; relaxed, open collaborations between like-minded, free thinking, jazz-inspired producers and musicians.

On the other hand, the Gonkyburgers, as they prefer to be known (see paragraph 1 line 5) are not members of some exclusive club. The sound, the experience is open to anyone. They combine the feeling of old jazz, soul and fusion legends and at the same time, as Quant says “. .. it’s worked through. We make soulful, sophisticated songs. Funky basslines, driving grooves, house broken beat, latin, nujazz, electronica. It’s very warm, innocent, not at all complex . It’s all here.”