Imperial Teen
Imperial Teen
Label: Merge Records
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Imperial Teen was formed in San Francisco in 1995 by Roddy Bottum, Lynn Perko, Jone Stebbins and Will Schwartz. A pop aesthetic of crunchy guitar riffs and classic boy/girl harmonies quickly developed, finding all four members switching off on instruments and taking turns behind the mike. The band had barely been playing together for six months when they landed their first record deal (London / Universal) and found themselves in the studio. The result was the amazingly fresh and joyous Seasick, which tickled the fancy of many a critic and music fan alike, with its infectious pop grooves standing out in a musical climate dripping with grunge. After several unforeseen roadblocks (label inertia, recording delays) Imperial Teen went on to release What Is Not To Love in 1999, and managed to garner even more praise and adoration worldwide. They even scored an MTV-style breakthrough with their single 'Yoo-Hoo' which landed on the Jawbreaker soundtrack, with an accompanying video featuring Rose McGowan.

After parting ways with Universal during the now infamous major label purge of a few years back, Imperial Teen miraculously found their way over to Merge.