Label: independent
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Relic is something ancient yet timeless, treasured throughout the centuries, a value difficult to define, as it's true worth is held in our hearts. This is how we feel about the music we have created. Our songs are constructed from ancient poetry but brought to life by modern instruments. It takes the listener on a journey through past lives, from the simple gypsy, the rogue sailor, and the tale of a king. The songs tell of past battles fought...between soldiers and between the forces of good and evil.

Based in San Francisco, Relic performs in full Medieval armor and their music is often compared to Pink Floyd, early Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Gong, and Dream Theater.

Duke Ueda: Vocals
A knight of courage and faith.
Title: Mystic Master.
BOSE amplification system

Sir John: Lead Guitar
A fierce, strong and fearless knight.
Special Appointment: Dragon Slayer.
Ibanez (6 & 7 string) and B.C. Rich (6 & 12 string dbl) guitars, amps by Mesa Boogie, effects by T.C. Electronics & Soldano cabinets, BOSE amplification system

Alvek II: Keyboards
A knight skilled in strategic planning.
Qualification: Practitioner of Theosophy.
Yamaha SY85, PPG Wave 2.3, Ensoniq ESQ1, Korg Triton ProX,Korg MS2000, Korg Mono/Poly, Kurzweil 2500XS, Clavia Nord Lead, Sequencial Circuits Prophet10, Sequencial Circuits Prophet 600, Moog Memorymoog, Mini Moog, Roland, Jupiter 8, Roland Rhodes MK-80 BOSE amplification system

Count Sebastian: Bass
A knight of nobility and leadership.
Qualification: Sooth Sayer.
6 string Carvin bass, Hartke amps, MXR, Boss & Alisis effects, Rolland P5

Sir William: Drums
A knight skilled in hunting and the techniques of torture.
Qualification: Scholar of Magik.
Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals