Ancient Greeks
Ancient Greeks
Label: Flameshovel Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Ancient Greeks are a pop band from Chicago. Press the band for a description, they'll call it math-pop. They like their fives & sevens integrated with hooks & melodies to form a whole, both logical and emotive: polyrhythms that make you want to kiss strangers and dance music for people with three-and-a half legs. The band's respect for post-bop jazz, '70s African pop, 20th century minimalism, bossa nova & soul began their adventure together.

Guitarist Nathaniel Braddock & saxophonist Chris Warland had been playing free-jazz duets together for some time when Braddock suggested they form a rock band with Warland as vocalist. Warland recruited Andy Rench, a bassist with whom he'd played improvised dance music in the band, Company of Big Beats. Braddock contacted Tim Stevens, of the math-rock outfit Table, with whom he played in Virginia. With Tim on drums & Chris on vocals, the Ancient Greeks were formed. Many, many, many rehearsals followed.