Label: G7 Welcoming Committee
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The GFK's are a 5 piece band from Quebec City, Canada. They have been rockin' around Eastern Canada for 8 years now. The line-up has changed several times as the band searched for the style that fits the most with their attitude and inner feelings. Now, the band has been with the same line-up for a while, which is:

Jessy : Vocals
André : Drums
Remy : Guitar & Back Vocals
Mike : Guitar
Sonny : Bass & Back Vocals

In the past three years GFK have toured many cities all around Canada, even Europe, with bands such as Snapcase, 59 Times The Pain, Darkest Hour, Misconduct, Raised Fist, Undying, Boy Sets Fire and many more. They released a full-length "In Defence Of Politics" in October of 2002 and it was greated warmly by critics and fans alike . GFK have sold 1300 lp/cds by themselves on tour. This CD is being distributed in Canada by LOCAL. Their next full-length called "If Liberty Is Not Given, It Should Be Taken" is out now on the canadian label G7 Welcoming Committee.