Label: Pocketslinted Entertainment
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


In the world of Hip Hop some Rappers are known for their writing skills. Others may not quite have the dopest lyrics, but they make up for it with their voice. And then there are Rappers who have made a success out of having a powerful stage presence. It is indeed rare to encounter an artist who possesses a combination of all three skills. However, RASCO is that rare artist.

Rasco has been at the forefront of the Bay Area's Indie hip-hop scene since dropping his classic "Time Waits for No Man," on Stones Throw Records in 1998. In fact, he has made The Source magazine's best indie albums for the past two years in a row. Since then, Rasco has continued to drop quality projects while building his own creative empire. In 1999 he released a critically acclaimed EP "The Birth" and the hugely successful LP with his partner-in-rhyme Planet Asia, The Cali Agents "How the West Was One." Last year, Rasco executive produced the compilation "20.000 Leagues Under the street", which showcased many of the Bay's new talent and introduced his own record label, Pockets Linted. Rasco is a consummate artist. No gimmicks. Just quality hip-hop.