James T Cotton
James T Cotton
Label: Spectral
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Tadd Mullinix, also known as Dabrye and SK-1 (of Soundmurderer and SK-1 fame), makes his first full statement under the James T. Cotton alias. A psychedelic album in every sense, The Dancing Box pays respects to classic Chicago acid and leftfield Detroit techno, but does so with its own force and verve. Mullinix has created a sonic maelstrom, at once vibrant and eerily troubling. The album is an impressive listening experience top to bottom with the eerie sensation of slowly deepening grooves.

The Dancing Box finds the Cotton persona channeling historic Jack trax and late night radio frequency energy to complete his mission. Previous efforts have been championed by an international DJ community and publications like The Wire and XLR8R. The tracks vary in both feeling and style, from the ominous "Distant Trip", which feels like a late night drive on a deserted highway, to the unsettling urgency of "Saavy", to the manic and blinding synths of the title track. The Dancing Box is a manic and subliminal journey into the mind of a master musician.