Godspeed You! Black Emperor


The volume of verbiage spent on trying to "get" godspeed you! black emperor is especially silly once you realize that very few bands have put as much effort into ensuring that their music communicates on its own terms.

Around 1993 or so a group of musicians began playing together in Montreal. When the band was looking to book shows for an American tour in 1997 they sent Kranky Records a copy of their limited edition LP released on the fledgling Constellation label. They were taken after one listen, got in touch with the band and in 1998 Kranky released a compact disc version of the debut album (with added music the group recorded).

The intial Godspeed show in Chicago attracted an audience of maybe twenty-five people. As the band proceeded to tour, more and more people discovered godspeed you black emperor! With a rhythm section of two percussionists and two bassists, a total of three guitarists and members playing cello and violin, the group gave listeners both sweep and momentum. And as godspeed traversed the country in their old school bus they got better and better as a live band. The commercial success and notoriety godspeed earned they got listener by listener, live and onstage.

The band's double CD epic, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (again released by kranky on compact disc and Constellation on vinyl) came out early in the new millenium.