Daniel Friel
Daniel Friel
Label: Velocirecords
Genre: Rock
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Dan Friel is a member of Parts & Labor, one of Brooklyn’s most exciting and unique experimental rock bands. Taking cues from the Boredoms, Oval, and Lightning Bolt, Parts & Labor create a raucous and tuneful music that is both agitating and soothing. Dan Friel, who is responsible for most of the electronics and guitar work in Parts & Labor, recorded this album over the past year. Its sounds are more subdued and nuanced than those of Parts & Labor, and contain a heavier emphasis on electronic and soundscape experimentation. It is no surprise, then, that it was recorded using an offbeat assortment of instruments and techniques. The sounds on Sunburn are bursting with innovation and excitement, defying classification and convention.

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Daniel Friel
song:Dead Batteries
album:Sunburn (Velocirecords)
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