Label: The Agriculture
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


From Luzern, Switzerland, with a bit of Brooklyn thrown in, comes post-electronic powerhouse Lunchbox. The trio, which is comprised of Martin Baumgartner, Bruno Amstad, and DJ Olive, packs a steaming full frequency lunch. This collection of tracks has a global feel, and acts as a soundtrack for today’s conflicting emotions. As civilizations slog away with their old worldviews, these tracks lasso the moon. Unprecedented arrangements are solidly reinforced by relentlessly funky African and Latin rhythms. The ever-present basslines always suprise, giving the music a grounded, Earthy feel. Catchy melodies and hooks slip in and stick to the mind. Turntablist squawks and vocal outbursts are buried deep in the mix, lending a human feel without taking over. Intricate segways and breakdowns suprise, arriving and receding with an easy downhome feel. This lush, warm production sounds great on any soundsystem or on the home stereo. Trying to define Lunchbox’s sound reveals its genuine originality.