Label: Sub Pop Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Little did Mike and Dan know when they met on that chilly night thirteen years ago in Fargo, ND that they were to embark on a relationship that we'd all grow to envy and admire. Little did they know that those introductory "heys" would lead to this. Little did they know, that six years from that night they would form a band and call it godheadSilo. Could they ever have foreseen that their band would be responsible for countless cases of tinnitus, temporary deafness and afar-reaching legion of awe-inspired fans?

godheadSilo have sent many a verbose rock journalist scrambling for a thesaurus, left many an ear drum irreparably ringing. Refer to the annals of indie rock lore for the tale about a performance at a record store a few years ago (the usual nonsense about names and innocence applies). According to the legend, their sheer volume and RAWK power were so monstrosterous that CDs fell of the racks, windows cracked and the Man was summoned to escort the band out of what was fast becoming a bona-fide rock melee. What's no to love?