Love As Laughter


Sam Jayne has a perfect profile. But what he’s saying out of one side of his face may not be true for the other side. He likes to morph. Sometimes not so gently (which is why he often wears a helmet), but always with the utmost sincerity and single-mindedness. Hailing from Seattle’s Eastside, Sam Jayne used to be in a band called Lync, which released two astonishing records (1994’s These Are Not Fall Colors, and the posthumous singles collection, Remembering The Fireballs (Part 8)). When Lync broke up in the fall of ‘94, Sam focused on a complicated relationship with an 8-track mechanism. The resulting record, The Greks Bring Gifts, was a true lo-fi revelation but illogical for touring. Sam found through this experience, that people are capable of making a ruckus more randomly than machines. So (as would become the norm), he set out on his skateboard and coerced some friends into joining forces with him, and released #1 USA in January of 1998. Everyone really liked it. Really, really, really.

In October of 2000, Love As Laugher released Destination 2000 on Sub Pop Records, to critical acclaim that included a lot of references to Sonic Youth, Royal Trux, various classic rock dignitaries, and the use of phrases like "vexing fuzz-core." Going even further, several critics marveled at the colorful explosion resulting from Gary Numan being shot out of a cannon headlong into the Rolling Stones. Everyone really liked it. Really, really, really.

Coming in September of 2001, Love As Laughter’s Sea to Shining Sea is another startling album off the cuff of Sam Jayne and friends. You may find it mesmerizing and spontaneous like good music always is. You might want to listen to all seven minutes of the song "Miss Direction" more than seven times. You should ask yourself if you will make it through another year without an intelligent rock record standard to have on hand for all those times when you just can’t take another minute of bad plastic radio. Sea to Shining Sea, you’re really going to like it. Really, really, really.