Murder City Devils
Murder City Devils
Label: Sub Pop Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


After three albums chronicling the concept and adolescence of The Murder City Devils as a band, the release of their newest, Thelema, signals their radiant and assured maturation.

A departure of sorts, Thelema finds the six-piece exploring musical terrain that is as informed by the obstacles of their past as it is by an ambitious quest for the unconquered. It’s a sound that can’t be compared to the influences constantly referenced in early reviews of the band. Having served their purpose, those influences and markers have crumbled away and with Thelema The Murder City Devils have honed a vitality and style entirely their own, one that is elastic in structure, profound in its lyrical content, and melodic—yes, melodic—in tone.

Thelema clearly represents The Murder City Devils as a band that has no interest in sticking within any confines, be they dictated by genre, influences, or even their fans. The album is a resplendent accomplishment, and the bright announcement of an exciting future.