Label: Pehr Label
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Argentine means silver. Or it is a silver fish (also: Argentina Silas or Silver Smelt). You could also note Pericles, Prince of Tyre: "Celestial Dian, goddess argentine, I will obey thee!" But that still just means silver. None of the three members have been to Argentina. Most would like to.

Formed from the early starts of Ian Carpenter (vocals, guitars) & Nat Guy's (guitar & bass) collaborations - this Brooklyn band has grown to 5 members - Timothy Quigley(Drummer/Percussionist), Marcus Smith (Bass, Keyboards, Guitar) and Chris Curtis (almighty viola) - incorporating all their distilled influences together and adding their own aesthetic verve - all mixed up to make what is now the Argentine sound. Their debut cd In Other Fictions was recorded in 2003 and is now being distributed internationally thru Pehr Records Distribution in late summer 2004.