Eleventh Dream Day
Eleventh Dream Day
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Eleventh Dream Day was founded in 1983 by Rick Rizzo (guitar, vocals), Janet Beveridge Bean (drums, vocals) and Shu Shubat (bass). Shortly thereafter, Baird Figi chased Shubat from the band with tense guitar lines and feedback and Douglas McCombs joined the fray on bass. 1987 saw the release of their debut self- titled ep on Amoeba and the band hit the road to spread the word. Amoeba released both "Prarie School Freakout" and the "Wayne" ep in 1988. New Rose in France released "Prairie School Freakout" in Europe beginning a long and beautiful "menage" with the folks overseas. Atlantic records took a chance on "alternative music" and signed the band, releasing "Beet" in 1989.

Eleventh Dream Day's first show was in the year of Orwell, and perhaps they should have taken that as some kind of sign. As it was later in their life, their "big break" would serve, at least for a time, to bury them under a burden of corporate obligations and ignorance. Ahh but we are not yet there. This was still the time when Big Black, Naked Raygun, Wax Trax, Touch and Go and those damn buzz cuts were the national faces of Chicago. And then there were the upstarts, like Precious Wax Drippings, Shrimp Boat, Friends of Betty, and of course Eleventh Dream Day (EDD). The band issued their self-titled debut for the new and aptly named Calfornia label, Amoeba in ‘97 to little fan fare. However, EDD would not remain a sacred secret of Chicago for long. Prairie School Freakout changed all that.