Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Oval music is about media, aesthetic presence and organised sound, composed out of the remnants of both music and musicality. Oval are interested in providing insight into the contemporary digital audio workspace components.

While originating as more of a by product of theory and theoritical demonstration, Oval's music is a rich textural and often melodic soundtrack created out of cold electronic tones. In commenting on digital technology, Oval uses their own digital programs as well as physical manipulations of disc to expose the process and the equipment. For example, creating a rhythm track out of a looped skip in a CD. Oval performances are in the form of sound installations. They have had several in Germany and London at places like the Art Cologne and Sound works 3. Oval are sponsored by the Goethe Institute who have helped fund many of their installations.

As with Microstoria, Oval music, while a by product of their comment on digital technology, is enjoyable without the knowledge of it's origins because it is a rich melodic soundtrack.