Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Rock / Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Brokeback is Douglas McCombs.

Douglas may be familiar to many of you as the bassist for Eleventh Dream Day, Tortoise and most recently Pullman, an all-acoustic collaboration that features members of Come, Directions in Music and Rex. During the past few years Brokeback has released three albums and played numerous live dates throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Through Brokeback, Douglas has sought to explore something not as densely structured as his other musical outings with a focus on rhythm and texture. The idea with Brokeback is to keep things simple and let the melodies hang in the air. By the nature of this decision the music is sparse, but not without sounding full and realized.

In Douglas’ own words: "Brokeback wouldn't exist without the Fender six-string bass. I consider myself a bass player, and though I have dabbled with slide instruments (lap steel and dobro) I was never really interested in moving into the higher register until I became aware of this instrument and its perfect blend of twang and low tone. I began planning this album years before I could even afford to purchase one. It may seem ridiculous to give so much credit to the instrument, but most of these melodies practically wrote themselves, and they were exactly what I wanted to hear."