Drums & Tuba
Drums & Tuba
Label: Righteous Babe Records
Genre: Other
Online: Artist Website


Tubas, guitars and drums have engrossing conversations. After eight years, six full length albums, two EPs and hundreds of shows, the instrumental trio of Tony Nozero (drums, electronics), Brian Wolff (tuba, trumpet) and Neal McKeeby (guitars) has gelled into a seasoned musical entity with a vision - to take carefully-constructed rock grooves and translate them through a wide array of instruments and electronics.

In today's world of countless musical formats, demographics and stereotypes, the importance of bands like Drums & Tuba is immeasurable. The band takes its wildly diverse musical backgrounds and creates a sound that is entirely its own - full of catchy, groove-based songs. This aptly named instrumental trio naturally involes an expanse of musical influences into its peculiar lineup. Over the span of one song, you'll hear dashes of Ornette Coleman, strains of Led Zeppelin, touches of Amon Tobin and a pinch of King Crimson. Years of touring, writing and recording together have given Drums & Tuba a sense of road-weathered unity.

Drums & Tuba are musicians who spread their craft the old-fashioned way- by playing it in front of people, replicating each and every interesting note via an amazing array of samplers and electronic gadgetry. By looping various samples live and then melding the harmonies on top, Drums & Tuba pack a sonic wallop. The band has played hundreds of shows opening for such acts as Ani DiFranco, Galactic, uze Jsme Doma, and Daniel Johnston.