Ambulance LTD
Ambulance LTD
Label: TVT Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Brooklyn, New York's Ambulance Ltd resurrect the British shoegazing movement of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, employing swirling, dreamy guitars in a indie-rock landscape cluttered by emo purists and punk opportunists. Formed by Marcus Congleton (vocals, guitar), Benji Lysaght (guitar), Matt Dublin (bass), Andrew Haskell (keyboards), and Darren Beckett (drums), Ambulance Ltd were greeted with positive reviews for their live performances before signing with TVT Records.

The band's reverb-drenched riffs gave critics My Bloody Valentine and Ride flashbacks while the boyish harmonies recalled Teenage Fanclub. However, instead of being labeled derivative, Ambulance Ltd were seen as a refreshing change of pace in an underground rock & roll scene that had turned dull and predictable. In 2003, they recorded their self-titled debut EP; it was quickly met with praise from the alternative press. LP followed in spring 2004.