"In Battles, anything is fair game, anything can happen, and, seemingly, everything does."

Like listening to the sound of the electronic garden grow. An organic electric conception, free flowing and fresh like a long breath of crisp air and still as clinical as the surgeons instruments. Layers upon layers, dodging, weaving, filling and leaving spaces and moods to linger and lift.

Provoke your thoughts to wander aimlessly, with no wish to challenge that the journey is the reason. At times the sounds feel all encompassing as if you are drifting weightlessly in a welcoming sea, others, regimented and strict showing the discipline behind its origins.

BATTLES features Ian Williams, a leader in guitar experimentations of the past 10 years as he fronted DON CABALLERO and STORM AND STRESS, John Stanier, the Swiss timing machine behind the kit, formerly of HELMET and currently in TOMAHAWK, David Konopka of the Boston/Chicago phemononom LYNX and Brooklyn-based avant-guard composer Tyondai Braxton.

With this combination of musicians the sum is greater than the parts; all members contributing a unique and focused ingredient to the compositions, and when brought together the music resembles foreign folks songs, hyper jazz, intelligent rock…simply put…this is the next level shit.