Sunshine Fix, The
Sunshine Fix, The
Label: spinART Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Sometimes there is a mental picture of life. Then, the experience is quite unlike that original picture. That's when things become interesting...

Born on the Bayou and schooled in the company of the Searching Elephants, Bill Doss proceeds through the disciplines and brambles at the helm of The Sunshine Fix, who have just docked into the port of their second album, Green Imagination. This album is a simpler, less complicated place which feels even more expansive than its predecessor Age Of The Sun. Recorded at home, Green Imagination has a timeless quality: This record could have been recorded thirty years ago or thirty years into the future.

Losing the circus-gone-crazy element this time out, there is woven a darker texture than before with rings of light only creeping in from around the edges. As with everyday life, there are still moments of surprise around every turn. There's the trill of a fully effected flute here (Afterglow), a completely unexplainable sound there (Papers Fall), and even an ensemble from The Georgia Children's Chorus (Run Away Run, What Do You Know).

Doss is a former member of The Olivia Tremor Control, who released two critically acclaimed albums, Music From The Unrealized Flim Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle and Black Foliage: Animation Music by the Olivia Tremor Control as well as a host of EPs and singles. The Olivias were part of a recording collective known as The Elephant 6 Recording Company. This group of like minded bands, which included The Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Music Tapes, spent the better part of the mid 1990's searching. Recorded at home but touring the world, they searched for whatever place they wished to create; whatever reality they would prefer.

With The Sunshine Fix, Bill is still creating new realities; environments set up as alternates to the common place. This time setting up a simpler, less complicated space; one built around and bringing the focus down to the songs. These are songs centered on one very solid band; a band that will be out on the road soon in support of Green Imagination.

Dave Gerow is a powerhouse; a metronome with eight arms and legs. He must have been shot out of cannons in a previous life. He and Sam Mixon (bass) together are quite a remarkable team. It's almost as if they were born into rhythm; still strongly clutching to some distant hearbeat. Then, you add the surreal soundscapes which Kevin Sweeney weaves in and out of space with his guitar, and you have quite the combination of flavors leaving Bill stuck in the middle trying to make sense of it all. The beauty is that there is absolutely no sense to be made from any of it!

The best moments are never planned. You must react when those moments begin. As the brush moves, so moves the spirit.