Label: Plain Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Octet is a French pop-tronica duo. Comparisons to the more well known French duo Air are inevitable and fully justified; the most similar thing about the two groups is that they're both very good. The eclectic and impressive debut from Francos Goujon and Benjamin Morando, Cash And Carry Songs, manages to be both disparate and cohesive, and combines more far-reaching influences than most on the electronica scene today. Their songwriting skills at times resemble Prince or the Beatles; their arrangments push the songs to the stratosphere of electronic production, full of unexpected yet gentle glitches and shimmering synth rhythms. As they put it themselves, in their adorably broken English, "they came to life on the electronica scene, but they have gradually moved away from it, and prefer taking the pop format apart and playing on the anachronisms."