Team Shadetek
Team Shadetek
Label: Warp Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Team SHADETEk grew up in the same neighborhood in downtown manhattan and started producing tracks together in 1999. Their early releases on theirown SHADETEk label along with recent releases on Kid606's Tigerbeat family of labels have been extremely well received around the world and have been featured on a wide range of discriminating DJs playlists. These combined with their high energy live appearances at venues including Berlin's Döner Lounge and Labland, WMF, Joe's Pub and Pianos in NYC, London's Wheels Instead of Hooves parties, Glasgow's Optimo and the Panoptica festival in Belgium among many others have contributed to their reputations as one of the most exciting up and coming crews in the current electronica landscape.

DJ /Rupture describes their style as 'outernational' spanning a range of influences from the hiphop and dancehall of their upbringing in NYC, ragga jungle, experimental electronica from Warp artists like Autechre and Aphex along with a strong dose of urban youth culture aesthetics including punk rock 'destroy it yourself' means of production, rave culture and the competitive battle aesthetics of grafitti and hiphop. These colliding worlds, combined with their discovery of the plasticity of digital art production at a young age lead TEAM SHADETEk to their current technological urban aesthetic.

The cover art for Burnerism is a collage by NYC street artist Swoon who has been creating a stir in the international art world with her unique and beautiful approach to graffiti in the form of intricate and delicate paper cutouts, glued up in cities around the world. Swoon, along with TEAM SHADETEk is a founding member of the Change Agent art gang, a group of young artists with common aesthetics arising from many aspects of youth street culture.