Von Iva


Von Iva is a dead on sexy band quickly earning fans for its energy, intensity, visual flair and ultra hipster grooves. A quartet, they stay away from the electric guitar and focus more on bass lines and catchy keyboard riffs. Front person Jillian Iva is a staggeringly strong bluesy singer with a very clear and passionate delivery. Drummer Kelly Harris, Keyboardist Becky Kupersmith and Bassist Elizabeth Davis-Simpson round out the lineup. Davis-Simpson (formerly of 7 Year Bitch) lays down insistent octave-thumping basslines for party peoples, not unlike !!! or Franz Ferdinand's recent 80s tinged retro grooves. This band is all about partying in style; even the most jaded audience is no match for their infectious live show. Things have been moving very quickly for this Bay Area group, who have only just started releasing material and playing out of town gigs; stay tuned for more hijinks.