Boom Bip
Boom Bip
Label: Lex Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Bryan Hollon has had his dusty fingers in the crates of old vinyl for quite sometime. It wasn’t always like that. Before 1992, his life was mostly filled with guitars, drums and pianos along with the cassette tapes of Sonic Youth, Hendrix, Prince, Bowie and other musical heroes. "The times were a changing" and Bryan sought after a new medium in making noise, the turntable. In 1992 he set off on a path of discovering original hip-hop sample material on classic jazz and funk albums that littered the Cincinnati thrift stores. Once his arsenal was built, he began experimenting with looping and chopping the drums he discovered on the dirty Headhunters' record he claimed to be his favorite. Soon after he discovered a bass line on a Ron Carter record that fit perfectly in the groove of the sampled drums and then a string line from a David Axelrod album. The gates crashed open.