Label: Jetset Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Formed in Athens, GA, Macha has no viable contemporary parallel - it's like a DIY garage Gamelon orchestra. A list of easily audible influences include My Bloody Valentine, Martin Denny, Girls Against Boys, Legendary Pink Dots, the Holiest of the Holy - Can, a touch of The Fall, bright flashes from the Bad Seeds/Neubauten nexus, and MDMA-friendly, participatory vibe that recalls San Diego's guerrilla noise collective Crash Worship. However, its important to understand that, rather than simply combining these elements into a hybrid for hyphen-happy music critics to use as crutch, Macha owns it all.

Throughout, Macha maintains fierce sexy power and exoticism that may have something to do with Joshua's affinity for Indonesian arts, music and culture. But whatever it is, Macha is here, and believe me, you are ready.