Lashes, The
Lashes, The
Label: Red Ink
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


The Lashes are six young men that write and perform some of the smartest, catchiest power-pop style punk today without sounding trite or retro. Listening to them you're reminded of classic bands like The Babies and The Raspberries as well as band favorites The Strokes, The Libertines and The Exploding Hearts. While The Lashes wear their influences on their sleeves - or their ripped jeans more accurately - their own distinctive style and character is what you notice. They're scruffy sweet boys playing undeniably well crafted but also scruffy pop music about break-ups and make-outs. They formed in Seattle in 2000 but half of the band has known each other since high school. Lead singer and songwriter Ben Lashes' own musical aspirations go back even further to listening to Beatles' records and writing songs with his father as a boy. None of The Lashes are originally from Seattle - they all moved there to form bands but found the incestuous and exclusive scene difficult to infiltrate. Their alienation, desire to play music and love for each other have made The Lashes a tight unit - best friends that are intensely loyal. Through perseverance, incredible live shows, great songs and a whole mess of charm, The Lashes have found acceptance in the fickle Seattle scene. Now they've set their sites on the rest of the world, so make some room in your record collection and your hearts.