Label: Brilliante Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


During the 80’s decade the local rock scene in Puerto Rico was dominated by cover bands and new wave acts so derivative, they didn’t even sing in their native language of Spanish. Appalled by this reality, Eduardo Alegría and Francis Perez became obsessed with proving the contrary. They forged a friendship that was fueled by the need for artistic creation and discussion, and soon realized the amazing potential of Spanish as the language to write their songs in. The ground was laid for the cultural event that Superaquello would become a decade later.

It was in an acoustic trio format that the songs began to take shape. Relying on Perez’s unique guitar styling, Alegría’s clever vocal direction, Patricia Dávila’s unmistakable and charismatic girlish tone and a bunch of odd and catchy tunes the Superaquello sound was born. In the summer of 1998, Perez’s previous band Mup siqui ta had disbanded which allowed superaquello to absorb some of its members, most notably Pablo Santiago, the band’s computer whiz and keyboardist. In Santiago’s home studio, Superaquello began recording their coveted home demos which showcased a new electro-acoustic sound, which sent Alegría’s and Perez’s compositions soaring further into inner space. The Superaquello sound was complete.

Alegría started handing out copies of the demos to many friends and colleagues in Old San Juan’s art circles. Word started spreading like a bushfire through the internet and by the time of their second concert in the new quintet format the band had become an underground phenomenon.