Label: Neurot Recordings
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Since their formation in Oakland, California during the winter of 1985, no band has captured the unforgettably pungent tastes of cold, hard experience and awesome, natural beauty like Neurosis. They embarked upon an ultimately triumphant decade-plus journey through self-education, realizing conflicting, disparate emotional experiences and visions through uncompromising, evocative music and visual displays.

It's never been an easy situation for Neurosis. Steve Von Till (guitar/vocals/percussion), Scott Kelly (guitar/vocals/percussion), Dave Edwardson (bass/vocals), Noah Landis (keyboards/samples/tapes), Jason Roeder (drums/percussion) have, more often than not, dealt with things alone with only their nomadic subterranean followers worldwide offering true heartfelt understanding and appreciation.

Others have tried to do their best (in the form of giant multi-national labels) but in the end, the wheat separated from the chafe as demands were made and ideals not understood. Neurosis will tell you, it's better to be smaller, stronger and whole than to be bigger, fractured and weak.

"Pain Of Mind" and "The Word As Law" were early releases which stated Neurosis' arrival, and recognizing those early, feral expressions, alternative tentacles signed them in 1991. There they released Souls At Zero, an album which shed glimpses of the shadows the group were encountering, and Enemy Of The Sun continued the fermenting rage diffused increasingly by rays of floating acoustic pieces to offer respite.

Neurosis would only ever play live after dark, feeling too insignificant to battle with the sun. their shows were pure catharsis, from the aural barrage to the carefully selected imagery which was projected behind them during two-hour performances.

Neurosis went through challenges that would have broken everyone else in two, but when your path is exactly that challenge, when the ugliest adversities can find redemption in your own chosen form of expression, then the results will only ever be explosive.

Through Silver In Blood was hurt, anger, thunder, sun, good, bad, life, death, this planet in all it's glory and disgust. The nerve endings hung out of the packaging, and their fears had finally been faced and vanquished with the help of this album. So Neurosis were invited to take their thoughts to a bigger carnival in the shape of the highly successful Ozzfest. It was the first time Neurosis had ever played during the day, they'd learned to be in the same room as the sun and co-exist peacefully.