DJ Harry
DJ Harry
Label: SCI Fidelity Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


While New York and Los Angeles are looked to for the latest trends in electronic dance music, there is formidable action bubbling in the vicinity of Boulder, Colorado. This is where longstanding DJ and producer DJ Harry resides and from where he has been steadily and reliably creating enticing sounds. Drawing as much from futuristic elements of house music as from traditional music sources, DJ Harry’s approach has the accessible sensibility to appeal to a wide range of listeners at the same time keeping its dance floor roots.

Although currently residing in the Rockies, DJ Harry has traipsed across North America, culling sounds from various cities. An integral part of the rave circuit during its heyday, Harry has DJed alongside the likes of Doc Martin, DJ Dan, Mark Farina, and Kimball Collins. Not limited to that scene, he has also been the support DJ for James Brown and the New Deal.

Not content with simply playing records, DJ Harry focused on sharpening his production chops. The culmination of his understanding of different styles of music and the bringing together of those sounds was his 2001 full-length, The String Cheese Remix Project released on Instinct Records. An innovative foray into the melding of dance music with the loose structures of jam bands, the project broke new ground in that area. The album spawned two twelve-inches: "Wake Up" with Gavin Hardkiss on Shadow Records, followed by the popular bootleg for "Turn The Bed" featuring a remix by John Acquaviva. Touring extensively in support of the Remix Project, DJ Harry was able to connect with a wide cross-section of audiences who had an appreciation for his fresh approach.