Polyphonic Spree, The
Polyphonic Spree, The
Label: Hollywood Records
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


With The Polyphonic Spree, simple things have a way of turning grand. Take the happenstance that was the piano on which frontman Tim DeLaughter composed "the backbone" of the group's new disc Together We're Heavy. "A friend of ours was living in New York, and didn't have a place for a piano she left back in Dallas," says Julie Doyle, DeLaughter's partner in the Spree and in life, "so she asked 'do you guys want it?'

"So the movers brought it over, and all of the sudden it was sitting in our bedroom and Tim just kind of went to the piano andleft the guitar for a while and got really inspired."

Never Mind that Tim hadn't really played piano before ("I was kind of teaching myself and at the same time writing songs," he says), or that the band wasn't even thinking of a second record to follow up The Beginning of The Polyphonic Spree. Tim was "just writing, honestly, for our live shows," Julie says, "because we were already being asked to headline, and we only had 30 minutes of material because we hadn't been a band that long. It's weird, but here we are-- that totally ended up being the driving force behind the songwriting of the entire album."

That's the way things work with this band. And it's in this way that it's useless to try to pin a definition on The Polyphonic Spree - they gave up trying themselves a long time ago. The original idea - a symphonic pop band, large in number, wearing robes so that all the members' different clothes styles wouldn't be a distraction - metamorphosed from the very minute it was put into practice.