New Sense
New Sense
Label: Brilliante Records
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


New Sense’s self-titled first release is one of the latest projects by those Camden/Promise Ring boys William Seidel and Ryan Weber. New Sense evolved from a recording session at Bionic Studios originally intended for the band Camden. With the lead guitarist on the lam, Camden was forced to explore other ways of writing and producing their music. With the help of recording wiz Kristian Riley, William and Ryan began exploring dance-pop ideas mixed with songs that had originally been conceived of as rock songs for the Camden. With a chemistry that felt dead -on, this new partnership produced a batch of songs that were an intriguing and distinct departure from the sound and feel of Camden’s previous songs- so much so that Seidel, Weber and Riley decided a new band should be formed based on the sound they had discovered. Franz Bucholtz, the man behind Signal Drift, was asked to join and soon after the boys were putting together a record. The result is New Sense.