Label: ROIR
Genre: Rock / Other
Online: Artist Website


Composer, Musician, DJ and producer Raz Mesinai was born in Jerusalem in 1973 and was raised primarily in New York City. As a young child Mesinai was influenced by a wide range of experiences starting with the poetry of the Bedouins in the Sinai Desert, the Hasidic story's of Shlomo Carlebach, a Sufi ceremony led by Dervish Sheik Murshid Hassan, and the rising Hip Hop scene of New York City in the early eighties, all of which led him to perceive rhythm and sound as powerful modes of communication, and set him out to develop his own form of sonic storytelling.

Soon Mesinai was recording his own dub tracks under the moniker "The Bedouin" or "Badawi," and produced cassettes which he played on a boombox in the streets of lower Manhattan and sold to passersby. He began developing his use of the recording studio itself into a compositional tool, and produced some of his classic recordings with a 4-Track cassette and an echo chamber. While he was still a teenager, Mesinai began to make a name for himself as a DJ. Gaining a following for his seamless integration of all musical styles, he began spinning in some of New York's most underground nightclubs.

In the nineties Mesinai began gaining recognition in New York City's downtown music scene for his avant-garde percussion, piano, string, and electronic compositions. He met and was influenced by composers John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, and Ikue Mori.

Today, Mesinai performs frequently across the U.S. and Europe, and collaborates regularly with many of New York's top musicians, including Eyvind Kang, Mark Feldman, Mark Ribot, Mark Dresser, Shelley Hirsch, and Zeena Parkins, among many others.