David Axelrod
David Axelrod
Label: Mo' Wax Records
Genre: Other
Online: Artist Website


David Axelrod’s contributions to music are endless, from recording jazz classics in the ‘50s to having his music forming the back bone of recordings by amongst others Lauren Hill, Dr. Dre, DJ Shadow and the Beatnuts. He is steeped in musical history, from winding up an old Victrola gramophone for his brother to drum along with, to recording his latest album for Mo’ Wax. He has produced both jazz giants and Hollywood film stars and released an album preaching environmental awareness years before most had even heard of the ozone layer. The album that he wrote, arranged and recorded for the Electric Prunes provided the music that got both the Verve and Radiohead in the right frame of mind to go on stage. He has created music that is both visionary and deeply rooted in a soul and jazz tradition.