Danger Mouse & Zero 7
Danger Mouse & Zero 7
Label: Waxploitation Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


In an incredible year so far for Danger Mouse, he has received massive critical acclaim for his Danger Mouse & Jemini CD Ghetto Pop Life debut on the Lex label, featuring Tha Alkaholiks, J-Zone, Prince Po and The Pharcyde. Danger Mouse, who NME hails as "The Hottest Hip-Hop Producer in the World", received global attention for his production of the infamous, controversial Grey Album. Danger Mouse was recently tapped to remix Zero 7's new song "Somersault" and wanted to make it available free to music fans. Zero 7 have long been a favorite of the chilled out IDM and ambient set, with a lush legacy of dreamy soundscapes and auditory grins flowing out of turntables everywhere. MC MF Doom aka King Geedorah is featured on the "Somersault" remix.

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