Vast Aire
Vast Aire
Label: Chocolate Industries
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Finally, the wait for that new abstract Uptown-fire is over.

Vast Aire, remember him? He’s the titan MC who shocked the world and conquered critics as the leader of Definitive Jux’s landmark upstart crew, Cannibal Ox. Their essential El-P engineered 2002 LP Cold Vein was a chart-topper in every smart music critic’s year-end poll. In 2004, Vast is stepping out of his role as chief Ox man to unleash on of the year’s strongest albums with is debut solo effort Look Mom...No Hands.

Vast is an Uptown representative who has been making noise in the NYC underground since 1995. He’s put in work, and now his signature voice and incredible delivery is unmistakable in the rap game. He’s learned to harness his poetic street flow, informed by his passion for Aikido martial arts, and craft memorable songs. Already larger than life in physical form, with the launch of Look Mom... No Hands Vast’s finally able to make moves with no boundaries. It's timeless stuff that is as original as it is hardcore, mapping the journey of a true hip hop artist set free.