Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!
Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!
Label: Polyvinyl Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Through the use of a keyboard, a guitar, and a double bass drum (but no bass), the three members of Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! deftly compose unconventional, yet catchy pop songs- throw in a dash of Elvis Costello, Jonathon Richman, and a mix of Spoon and you'll begin to get the idea. Their must-see live performances include songs in rounds, sweatbands, aerobic workouts, and any other impromptu device that further draws the crowd into their performances. And the name? Some say it's a tribute to Tom Hanks' Joe Versus the Volcano, others say it's some sort of bizarre mantra/rallying cry, others say it's a merely a random stream of consciousness phrase. Either way, Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!'s style is all their own and their rise to existence is as unusual as their non-sequitur name.