Dizzee Rascal


It didn't take long for 19-year-old Dizzee Rascal to release his second album � it's only a year since the Bow-born MC and producer released the groundbreaking Boy In Da Corner. You know what happened next: critical shock and awe both here and in America; winning the Mercury Prize; selling over 250,000 copies and scoring top a 20 hit with "Fix Up, Look Sharp." But while all that was happening, Dylan Mills was writing lyrics, making tunes, and recording the angry, funny, sonically-staggering 14 tracks that make up Showtime. "A year ago I was straight off road, straight from outside the off-licence. Boy In Da Corner is that perspective � back against the wall, only seeing what's in front of you. It was harsh, bashing around music. I've moved forward, travelled, digested a lot. That's why this album is called Showtime. You think I'm just hardcore, raw? I'm more."