Label: Hefty Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Slicker's got a plan.

Having grown up on hip-hop's collages, indie-punk's bedroom DIY-isms and the beat fantasias of electronic composers, John Hughes (a.k.a. Slicker and the artist behind Chicago's Hefty Records) has grasped something most others haven't in his knitting together of something old and something new. For Hughes, the common chord on We All Have a Plan, Slicker's fourth album and a pan-global, soul-jazz masterpiece made out of bits and pieces, is elemental and spiritual.

"Honest" and "organic" are words Hughes uses repeatedly to describe the joyful digitalia of his blueprint. And in the wake of similar cut-and-paste excursions by kindred spirit colleagues, We All Have a Plan smuggles modern electronics away from indie-techno dilettantes and overcrowded dance-floors, back to the timeless land of song.

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