Label: Switchcraft Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Any DJ and recording artist who goes by the name of a medical illness would most likely be sick and mad. Aneurysm does not disappoint in living up to the name. Generally known for his breakcore sound, he mostly releases his music on 12" vinyl format, and plays live shows and DJ sets. He's very adept at 2x4 turntable mash-ups with like minded DJs. He's also an expert laptop and noise battle artist, having won a Chaorin Kombat event in Oakland in 2003.

Most people wouldn't know that Aneurysm used to share a house with kid606 in Oakland. Even scarier, as a child, Aneurysm's father was a rep for Roland, the company that made all those classic drum machines like the 808 and 909; this stuff was at his fingertips during his childhood, which is more than just about any other electronic producer can claim.