Label: Switchcraft Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


396 is one very deep musician. Part of the East Bay Breakcore Underground that has so far spawned the more well-known yet less adverturesome kid606, 396 aka Joel Cadena is still on his way into people's eardrums. Relatively young, he's a monster on the drums, the sampler, on the turntable, and on the mic. All of these skills come together when he produces an original track. Sick, twisted beats tumble apart in shredded non-sequiter passages meant for masochistic eardrums and soon to be blown speakerstacks. Certainly, 396 is the antithesis of easy listening, and it doesn't help that he's so completely comfortable discarding understood genres while making his beats.

His fearlessness musically might have something to do with his enormous physical stature; he's a larger than life cat at way over six feet tall, and his streetsmart and rugged exterior can be quite intimidating, especially at a recent show where he was reported to smash his own 12" records into small pieces after yanking them off the decks.

As a DJ, he's a highly adept turntablist, can rock out some oldies, knows all the hip hop tricks, loves european teknival beats, and has some of the hardest tracks ever cut to vinyl passing through his hands, as he's a beacon for hardcore artists coming to the Bay from the East Coast. He's also a behind the scenes player involved in the production of a wide range of underground events, including work on Madame Chao's Noise Battles in his local area. He's also a proud member of hardcore lunatic co-op "Team Bring It."