Black Heart Procession + Solbakken, The
Label: Konkurrent Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Leadsinger Pall of The Black Heart Procession immediately suggested Dutch prog rockers Solbakken to become sparring partners for their Fishtank-session. Both bands cherished some fine memories of playing together on different occasions over the years, the first time being way back in '98.

In July 2003, when the BHP's had just finished their Tropico-tour, both bands started recording. Apart from the obvious lengthy jamsessions, the guys of Solbakken, knowing their limitations in the improvisational field, prepared a couple of loose ideas to throw at the Black Hearts, who took it all pretty well. Then, years of rock experience and some high speed songwriting were combined with the ever fascinating voice of Pall, the reliable pianohands of Toby added to the unexpected input of Swiss-mystery guest Rachael, where the whole thing was sustained by the nobleness of the musicians, resulting in these here pretty tracks. An attempt was made to hide the lack of lyrics, vocals were recorded through a guitar amp with lots of reverb, but stern-yet-fair master of ceremony Zlaya digitally dug them up and made them sound quite fresh indeed!

Ending up somewhere in the land of Bad Seeds, uncovering a bag of Morricone leftovers, that had been tosssed behind a large container of old new wave favourites, the bands travelled far and wide, still identifiable, sometimes chancing upon an unknown horizon.