Frequency, The
Frequency, The
Label: Noreaster Failed Industries
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Frequency had until recently existed only in the imagination of Trans Am member Sebastian Thomson. He was born in Resistencia, Argentina in 1972 and after living in Brazil and Europe he started playing drums in Buenos Aires at the age of 14, where he joined various bands. Upon moving to the Washington DC area in 1990 he met up with Philip Manley and Nathan Means. This power trio eventually became Trans Am.

After years of collaborative songwriting with the boys, Sebastian decided to write an album of his own music. Work on the demos began in 2001 and continued all through 2002. The album was recorded at the National Recording Studio in January of 2003. Most of the instruments were played by Sebastian, but he also wanted some talented friends to join in.

Aaron Claxton (from Wooly Mammoth) played bass on most of the tracks, and also laid down some burning guitar leads. Julian Thomson was invited to add his unique space sax, and guitar wizard Grant Tenille (from Black Taj and Idyll Swords) rocked some solos.

With the album done, it was time for The Frequency to become a live act. Album musicians Aaron (moved from bass to guitars and keyboards) and Julian stayed on. Old friend John Warnock was invited to play bass. Sebastian had played with him in such acts as The Mystery Seven and The Classified. The last and most difficult element to find was the drummer. After months of searching and auditioning, Rob C from Squatweiler was asked to join.