Pretty Girls Make Graves
Label: Matador Records
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


Pretty Girls Make Graves formed in Seattle in 2001, fused together out of the still glowing embers of nearly a dozen important groups. Andrea and Derek had played together in Death Wish Kids and Area 51 along with Dann Gallucci, with whom Derek formed the popular Murder City Devils. Shortly before the Murder City Devils called it quits, he and Andrea started Pretty Girls Make Graves with Jay (who was in Kill Sadie and Sharks Keep Moving), and Nick and Nathan (both in Bee Hive Vaults). The band released an EP on DimMak before releasing their debut album Good Health on Lookout in April 2002. If Good Health was the exhilarating sound of five people mashing their myriad ideas and influences into fresh noise, The New Romance, released on Matador in September of 2003, is the sound of one incredibly confident band capable of anything.